Monday, February 17, 2014

First Post-KickStarter Episode of

After an extremely successful KickStarter campaign ( we raised enough money to meet our goal. It's too bad we didn't meet our stretch goal because I would've loved to have seen our President, Jean-Francois be taught how to dance dubstep. I am truly excited for our first episode (which you can find here: and hope this great concept for a show will last for many seasons to come.

For our first episode our special guest is Katherine Bryant (Twitter: @EvoNeuro). Katherine is neuroscience PhD student at Emory University studying primate cortical evolution, the main topic of conversation during our episode. Specifically we talk about the visual system across different primate species and how this system may have evolved. We also have a short chat about freedom of speech and activism within academia. I hope everyone enjoys this first episode and I am very excited for the rest of the season 1. I won't give away all of the guests but one of the our other guests is the famous neuroscientist, Dale Purves who is not only an expert in vision but has written one of the canonical introductory neuroscience textbooks used by many undergraduate and graduate neuroscience programs.